Make your back patio and yard one to admire. Imagine sitting back and relaxing in your new Oasis Screened In Patio Enclosure with your family and friends. Everyone will be taking full advantage of the beautiful outdoors without having to worry about the weather or dealing with annoying insects. That sounds perfect, right?

How would you like to add an additional entertaining/living space and increase the value of your home? Oasis' Screened In Patio Enclosures are the best and most cost effective way of adding instant comfort and value to your home.

Oasis Patio Enclosures, LLC offers a wide variety of solutions for adding a new screened in patio enclosure to an existing porch or patio. Do you need to add a roof or foundation? We can help with that as well. Oasis Patio Enclosures, LLC can custom build you a unique and affordable screened in patio enclosure to meet all your needs.

Our Frame Materials:

Oasis' Screened In Patio Enclosures are built with all color matching aluminum materials for unsurpassed beauty, strength, durability, and low maintenance. Aluminum extrusions will not rust or need staining or painting, allowing you years of hassle-free relaxation in your new screen enclosure.

We use the exclusive Tuff-Kote Gold™ dual layer paint finishes on all of our aluminum frame materials. This premium finish will give you years of maintenance free protection against scratching, corrosion, and fading. Oasis Patio Enclosures' aluminum framed screened in patio enclosures will give you a better return on investment (ROI) over wood framed enclosures when it comes to maintenance and resale value of a home. Our aluminum frame materials are available in four beautiful colors: white, sandstone, adobe, and bronze.

Our Screen Material:

Oasis Patio Enclosures utilizes Twitchells' Textilene® Nano™ 50 Screen material, better known as Super Screen. This screen material is the industries' best and newest technology available on the market today for the protection of pool and patio screen enclosures. Super Screen is woven with vinyl coated polyester core yarn that makes it highly resistant to punctures and tears. It provides unsurpassed insect and pest protection, privacy, safety, and debris control all in one screen fabric. The screen material is also pet resistant, UV stable and mildew resistant. It's the only screen material so durable that it carries a Ten-Year Limited Warranty.

Click here for the Textilene® Nano™ 50 Brochure

Most of our competitors use cheaper fiberglass screen material that is typically found on window bug screens. This type of screen material has been known to tear easily, bleach out, fade, or have its color simply flake off when exposed to the sun's UV. Plus, the screen material is not pet resistant. This is why fiberglass screen material does not carry any type of warranty.

When affixing the screen material into the aluminum frame, we use specialized rubber spline to evenly hold the screen into channels of the aluminum frame which gives the screen superior strength, tightness, and hold. If a screen panel should ever need repair, we simply undo the spline, replace the damaged screen, and roll the spline back in.

Oasis Patio Enclosures, LLC also carries Twitchells' Textilene® PetTex™ Screen, a thicker and stronger screen material that is resistant to tears and damage caused by household pets. We can also add a Pet Door to your structure as well. Ask to see a sample when we come out for your Free Quote.

Turn your Screen Enclosure into a Year Around Seasonal Room with Oasis Vinyl Panel Inserts.

Now you can enjoy your new screen enclosure all year around. Our aluminum lip framed vinyl panel inserts stop the heat, cold, wind, and weather! Save yourself thousands to tens of thousands of dollars over the cost of traditional seasonal rooms with glass windows and walls. Our vinyl window inserts are easy to install and take off with at turn of a few clips. The 10-mil vinyl sheathing is attractive, strong, and is transparent as glass without the cost or the weight. If you would like to block the glare of the sun, we also have tinted vinyl as well. Size restrictions may apply.

Insulated Patio Covers and Patio Foundations:

Are you in need of a new or additional patio foundation or an insulated patio roof in order to create your new patio oasis? We can help you with that as well. Just give us a call.

Are you ready to keep those pesky mosquitoes, gnats, and flies away from your enjoyment of family, friends, food, and fun? Contact us today and let us transform your outdoor space into a comfortable and enjoyable Oasis. Call us at (210) 858-8858 or click here to schedule your FREE quote.

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