What Kind of Patio Covers Should I Consider?

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Patio covers can make your backyard space much more usable because they offer permanent, reliable protection from the sun and rain. They can be built from wood or aluminum materials. How can you know which material is right for you?

What Kind of Patio Covers Should I Consider?

Wooden Patio Covers

Wood patio covers are durable and attractive. However, as a natural material, wood is prone to weather damage. Over time, its appearance can change, and it won’t look the same as when it was first installed. As a result, patio covers made from wood require more maintenance and might need extensive restoration. If you’ve ever had a wood deck, you can probably relate to this.

Aluminum Patio Covers

Aluminum patio covers hold up to inclement weather and can last longer than wood ones. They stand up better to the sun’s UV rays and poor weather conditions. They do not rust or rot, and won’t deteriorate or need to be repainted. At Oasis Patio Enclosures, our aluminum patio covers are finished with premium Tuff-Kote dual-layer paint, an added protection against fading and scratches.

To keep aluminum patio covers looking great, you need to clean them every now and then with warm, soapy water and a sponge. These covers can be customized and color-matched to blend in with your home’s exterior, too. Insulated aluminum patio covers are another option and can keep you, your family, and your friends nice and warm when it’s chilly out.

We can work with you to design the perfect aluminum patio cover to enhance your outdoor living space. To learn more, call our offices today.