Transform Your Yard with a Pergola [infographic]

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We at Oasis Patio Enclosures want to help you transform your yard into a personal oasis, and one of the ways we can do that is by installing pergolas. For those who don’t know, a pergola is essentially a shade structure made of a horizontal lattice supported by vertical posts, which is used to support climbing vines such as grapes or wisteria. We’d like to go over a few ways you can use a pergola to transform your yard.

Transform Your Yard with a Pergola

  • Add Shade – One way pergolas can transform your yard is by adding shade. Although they have open lattices on top, they can still block up to 40% of the sun’s rays, and that figure goes up when you grow plants on your pergola. A pergola is the perfect structure to add shade for a spa or patio.
  • Add Privacy – Adding a pergola is a great way to give your yard greater privacy. The pergola’s top is an effective way to prevent nosy neighbors from observing your yard from the upper stories of your home, and you can add curtains or hanging vines to the sides to increase your privacy even further.
  • Add Ambience – Lastly, pergolas can transform your yard by adding some elegant ambience to the area. Pergolas are a classic structure with a long history of use in Italian vineyards and English gardens, and they will instantly elevate your landscape design.

If you want to know more about pergolas or how to add them to your yard, simply give us a call.