How a Pergola Can Transform Your Backyard

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If you’re looking to add some excitement to your backyard, a pergola may be your answer. Pergolas provide a focal point that can enhance existing landscaping and patio areas. They also offer added protection from the sun and weather, making it the perfect outdoor space for entertaining and grilling.

How a Pergola Can Transform Your Backyard

Pergolas can offer an added level of privacy and security with the addition of curtains, bamboo walls, or tall shrubs or trees. In addition, a pergola can be an economical solution if your backyard is open and lacks a privacy fence. Pergolas can also add privacy and shade to a spa or hot tub area in your backyard and block 40% to 60% of the sun’s harmful rays while allowing plenty of natural light in.

Pergolas provide an overall peaceful ambiance for your area, making them the perfect addition to any space you plan on relaxing in. With the popularity of outdoor round bulb string lights in today’s design world, pergolas offer the ideal place to hang lights. Add some comfy pillows to your seating area, giving you a refreshed, relaxing spot for yourself or entertaining. Guests will certainly feel at home in your newly defined outdoor area.

Our team can help you create the perfect pergola for your space at Oasis Patio Enclosures. Our pergolas are custom built using Alumawood®, guaranteeing a durable, aluminum structure that looks like wood. In addition, it’s stain resistant, easy to maintain, and drastically reduces the risk of corrosion. Call us today to schedule a consultation!