4 Ways to Use or Decorate Pergolas

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4 Ways to Use or Decorate PergolasDo you love pergolas? Most people do, as these structures can add an elegant touch to any outdoor space, regardless of a home’s architectural style. Pergolas are functional and beautiful, and they may encourage you to spend more time outside since they provide a designated area for lounging or enjoying various activities.

There are many ways you can use or decorate your very own pergola, but if you’re blanking on ideas, we have a few suggestions for you to consider. Here are four ways to use or decorate pergolas:

  1. Place a dining table underneath. Having an outdoor dining area feels like the height of luxury, even if it’s a very simple arrangement. Of course, you’ll want to have a dining table and chairs that are durable since pergolas don’t have roofs, but you’ll be able to enjoy memorable meals with your loved ones.
  2. Set up outdoor furniture. A pergola can be beautiful when there is a comfortable seating area beneath it. An outdoor sofa, reclining or rocking chair, or maybe even a hanging chair or swing would be beautiful and functional if you were to set any of these up under your pergola.
  3. Grow vines on it. Pergolas offer the perfect opportunity for growing plants with vines. You can grow grapes, wisteria, or other plants on your pergola to create a whimsical oasis to escape to in your very own yard.
  4. Hang curtains. Hanging curtains is a great way to dress up pergolas. Thicker curtains allow you to have more privacy when you want it while sheer, billowy curtains will create a beautiful, flowing appearance.